The Fatback Band

THE FATBACK BAND makes funky, orchestral soul music built for the live party circuit. Piloted by legendary bandleader Bill “Fatback” Curtis (percussion) and reinforced by Ledjerick Todd Woods (trumpet), Robert Locke (saxophone), Zachary (Zach) Guinn (bass, vocals), Darryl McAllister (guitar) and Desmond Humphrey (drums, vocals) James Forbe Keyboards Isabela Gordon (vocals), the group’s high-energy songs and live performances are raw, earthy and explosive, showcasing members’ improvisational skills and musicianship. Poetic lyrics are bolstered by an infectious groove that pumps blood through the heart of the Fatback Band and brings fans their feet. Throughout four decades, Curtis and his crew have revolutionized the foundations of dance, funk, soul, rap and R&B.

The band’s early hit ‘King Tim III (Personality Jock)’ is widely regarded as one of the first ever commercial rap singles and cuts of theirs like ‘(Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop’ are believed to have played a part in the furthering of line dancing. Other big hits include, ‘I Found Lovin’, ‘Spanish Hustle’, ‘Is This The Future’, ‘Back Strokin’, ‘Wicky Wacky’, ‘Yum Yum’, ‘Keep On Steppin’ and ‘I Like Girls’. Of course, the Fatback Band are also disco pioneers who have had many dance floor smashes and merge jazz and beats with a touch of West Indies & Caribbean style, and were awarded the Soul Survivors Magazine “Best Soul Concert” for 2013 and is still in high demand, performing in London, New York City, Tokyo, Baltimore, New Orleans, San Francisco, Berlin and beyond. Often referred to as “The Last of the Great Dance Bands,” the group releases a fresh collection of music annually. .

Rooted in his decades of experience and re-energized by the modern artistry of Bruno Mars, John Legend, Busta Rhymes, Rihanna, Drake and other young stars, leader Bill Curtis is still dreaming up music that reinvents his band and transcends artistic boundaries to further expand the Fatback legacy.