Hieroglyphics crew


The Hieroglyphics crew have been champions of independent Hip Hop since the golden age. Their unique sound, which is a raw blend of jazz, funk, and soul, was founded in the early 1990's by the legend that is Del the Funky Homosapien.

They’ve been praised by critics and fans alike for their unique sound and positive, introspective message. Cited as an influence by many other hip hop artists, including The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Roots.

The Oakland natives, known as pioneers of independent hip-hop, are not only considered to be one of the first hip-hop artist collectives to start their own record label, but they introduced a different side of hip hop that was virtually unknown on a mainstream level. 
When Elektra Records signed Del the Funky Homosapien and JIVE signed Souls of Mischief in the early ’90s, the Hiero crew soon became internationally known as the leaders of a new movement in rap that represented peace and unity, despite having come from a city rife with violent crime. 

Considered to be some of the most highly skilled lyricists in rap from their inception to today, the Hiero crew continued to break hip-hop norms with personal, emotional rhymes rather than solely gangster-rap. Souls Of Mischief’s “93 ‘Till Infinity” remains one of the most respected and well-known hip-hop classics, referred to in pop culture time and time again. The third eye logo, designed by Del, was ranked as the 3rd most recognisable music logo by Rolling Stone Magazine, and it is not uncommon for fans to show Hiero members their third eye logo tattoos.

Since inception, the Hiero team has been thriving in the hip-hop world, releasing a number of projects within Hiero Imperium Records, founded in 1997, branching out for collaborations with the likes of The Gorillaz, Jurassic 5, George Clinton, Dilated Peoples, QTip, Xzibit and more.