Dexter Wansel

The Sound of Philadelphia has many stories, this is just one of them....R+B/fusion producer, arranger, musician, composer, conductor, synthesist, A+R Director, performer, Dexter Wansel, began as an errand boy backstage at the Uptown theatre in Philadelphia from 1959through 1963 for his step-uncle Georgie Woods. There he met many great artists who encouraged him to pursue music. In junior high school and high school he and his best friend Stanley Clarke had their first bands together. In 1970 after being honourably discharged from the United States Army, Wansel quietly joined the ranks of synthesists like Walter Carlos and Dick Hyman, where he began programming the Putney and the Arp 2600V for sessions at Sigma Sound Studios both credited and uncredited. From the early to mid-70s, Wansel also played keyboards for groups such as Instant Funk, Yellow Sunshine, and MFSB. ...City Paper says, “In 1975 Dexter created the moody, space-soul LP ‘Life on Mars’ whose icy ambience and thick, thematic funk is universally credited with having created Neo-Soul”. This first album’s been followed by six more. What the World Is Coming Too-Voyager-Time Is Slipping Away-Universe-Captured-and Digital Groove World. After signing with Philadelphia International Records, as in-house song writer/producer/arranger, he established a song writing relationship with the great lyricist Cynthia Biggs and many of their hit records are listed here.