PnB Rock

Born Rakim Allen, the singer and rapper - who prefers to describe himself as an "artist" - garnered his creative chops and stage name from the intersection of Pastorious and Baynton in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, where he grew up. His streetwise melodies come from a real place. A self-described "problem child," he was kickked out his mother's house at the age of 15 and turned to selling drugs and squatting in abondoned homes to get by. At 19, he was sent to prison for violating probation and there, dsicovered his musial talents. "I could touch different topics that these other artists cant touch, because im in the streets," he explains. He honed his vocal sound while incarcerated, recording tracks like "Fleek" that would end up on his 2014 debut mixtape RNB. 

After the release of RNB, GTTM (Going Through The Motions) and CTV (Catch These Vibes), PnB Rock is ready to reflect on his life and pint a picture for his fans of the journey thus far. His latest project Trap Star Turnt Pop Star is like a series of short stories that tell of his rise out of the trap and in to the spotlight as one of the leading voices of hip hop today.

"PnB Rock is part of a new generation of unlikely heartthrobs straddling the lines bewtween R&B and hip hop, warble-rapping about refusing to commit." - ROLLING STONE